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La revolución de Alexa


  • Authors: Vicente Gerardo Guzmán Lucio and Xavier Portilla Edo
  • Technical Reviewer: Joaquín Engelmo Moriche
  • Reviwer: Joan Orellana Rey
  • Graphic Designer: Alfredo Porras Lucio
  • ISBN: 9798585691928
  • Released: December 2020
  • Publisher: Self-published
  • Buy: Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google Books, Google Play

First book on the development of Alexa Skills written in Spanish.

In 2018, approximately 100 million voice-controlled devices were installed in homes around the world. The assistants that control them, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, are getting more powerful, with new features being added every day. Voice applications improve the way users interact with these assistants, whether they are asking for the weather, requesting sports scores or listening to music.

This book will guide you in designing, building, and implementing voice-based applications for Alexa. Inside, you will know and learn to develop your own Skills, the term with which Amazon has designated voice applications for Alexa. Everything from scratch, so you should not worry if you are not a developer, that is, no previous programming knowledge is needed. Once the basics are mastered, we will delve into the flow of conversation and more advanced concepts.

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